nude (njuːd)


  1. completely unclothed; undressed
  2. having no covering; bare; exposed
  3. (law)
    1. lacking some essential legal requirement, esp supporting evidence
    2. (of a contract, agreement, etc) made without consideration and void unless under seal


  1. the state of being naked (esp in the phrase in the nude)
  2. a naked figure, esp in painting, sculpture, etc


naked, stripped, exposed, bare, uncovered, undressed, stark-naked, in the raw (informal), disrobed, starkers (informal), unclothed, in the buff (informal), au naturel (French), in the altogether (informal), buck naked (slang), unclad, undraped, in your birthday suit (informal), scuddy (slang), without a stitch on (informal), in the bare scud (slang), naked as the day you were born (informal)